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Justice Edwin Cameron

This is a brave and inspiring book. It tells the story of Trevor Kleinhans’s life, but does much more than that. It teaches us important lessons about healing our own lives. Trevor explains how not dealing with the sexual abuse he experienced as a young child impeded his growth later in life. He explains how a rollercoaster of avoidance, self-damage and untruth injures oneself and all those around one. His account is unflinchingly honest. And in this it is inspiring. It lights the way for all of us – whether or not we are burdened by past sexual abuse, by drug misuse, or by HIV. It calls us to rid ourselves of secrets, to gather our full energies as humans, and to seek recovery in leading whole and truthful lives. For these reasons, I highly recommend this book.

Justice Edwin Cameron, Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, and author of Witness to AIDS.

Clinical Psychologist MA, Jake Pieterse

This book is shocking in its candour yet liberating as it courageously unfolds the world of a person who has experienced the devastation of sexual and emotional abuse. Pennebaker, a Professor of Psychology at The University Of Texas wrote about the language of secrets. He contends that trauma is not so much an indicator of future emotional struggles rather than secrets about trauma is. Secrets are what gives long-term emotional bite to the trauma. This book describes the journey of someone brave enough to tell the truth as it is - and the resultant freedom that comes from it.

‘Secrets Make You Sick‘ will also provide valuable real life insight to the psychology student into the phenomenology of abuse , emotional trauma and substance addiction. It brings back memories of ‘ Dibbs In Search Of Self ‘ – just on an adult level. Recommended for mature readers who have the guts to face reality and deal with it.